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    Make Apparel Mockups Quickly with Photific

    We all know that mockups, virtuals, etc. are a fantastic tool for helping your customers picture the products you intend to deliver.For a number of years, I've purchased Photoshop documents, collected blank images and created my own tools for quickly generating mockups. Today I stumbled across Photific.   Read More...

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    Create Super Sweet Product Virtuals with CoverAction Pro

    You guys. I need to tell you about a Photoshop tool that I have used for about 10 years to create incredible virtuals and product mockups for my clients. CoverAction Pro (CAP from here on out) is a tool that you use with Photoshop. With it you can create sharp, client impressing, 3D mockups of books, magazines, DVD discs and packaging and bunches more. Before I show you how it works, I want to tell you how I, personally, have used this tool over the past 10 years.  Read More...

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