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Make Apparel Mockups Quickly with Photific

We all know that mockups, virtuals, etc. are a fantastic tool for helping your customers picture the products you intend to deliver.

For a number of years, I've purchased Photoshop documents, collected blank images and created my own tools for quickly generating mockups. Today I stumbled across Photific. Photific looks like a lot of other mockup systems I've seen over the years. You can create apparel mockups instantly using their online tool. No Photoshop required. Currently there is just a handful of items to choose from but (and this is important to you), they indicate that brands will be coming soon.

Photific also has a great selection of Photoshop templates for mocking up branded apparel. That's important because you want to show your customers accurate virtuals. The selection of brands are familiar:

  • Bella Canvas
  • Next Level
  • and Gildan name a few. Each bundle costs $29 and includes some features that are super handy, including:

  • Brand colors - manufacturer fabric colors are built into the document.
  • Custom tags - replace manufacturer tags with your own.
  • 3D wrapping - results in an ultra-realistic mockup. No more building displacement maps!

If you dig it, I'd recommend springing for the STOREFRONT mega bundle. At $79 for over 500 mockups, it's a no-brainer. You'll also get future updates for life.

Many of you may be a small shop with no in-house designer. If that's the case, don't fret. If these Photoshop mockup systems from Photific work like others I've used, it's really not that hard. If you do have a Photoshop wizard at the office, share this resource with them. They'll be happy you did.

UPDATE: Okay, so I just bought the STOREFRONT Mega Bundle. Without every having used this mockup document before, I recorded myself building a quick mockup. Easy peasy. Those displacement maps make call the difference. Check it out here:

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