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Creating Appreciation with Swag

You know those warm-fuzzies you get one somebody does something nice for you? Or when you receive a thoughtful gift out of nowhere? Imagine your logo on that gift.

When I was still new to the industry, I got a random sample of a silicone pocket meant to be stuck to the back of your mobile phone. I decided to field-test the product. At the time, I worked at a co-working space that required a key card to get through the door. The pocket was just the right size for the key card and for about a year, both were stuck to the back of my phone.


Every time I used my phone to unlock the door, I felt more appreciation for that silicone pocket. It was not a clever product. There was no punny marketing around it. It was just useful. My random sample pocket had the logo of a Philadelphia located community college printed on it. I must have looked at that logo a thousand times that year and I frequently felt a twinge of appreciation for that simple little pocket on the back of my phone.

Imagine your logo or your cient's logo, on a thoughtful and useful piece of merch, soaking up good vibes from the recipient. Even if the recipient isn't looking for community colleges in Pennsylvania at that moment, you better believe that when they are, they'll remember the college whose logo they stared at for a year in appreciation.

A recent study by PPAI suggests that 85% of recipients decide to keep a promotional product based on its functionality and the functional role that item plays within the recipient's lifestyle. That silicone pocket got me at just the right time.

The next time you're looking for a product to connect customers with your brand, consider how that product will play a role in their everyday life.

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