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Create Super Sweet Product Virtuals with CoverAction Pro

You guys. I need to tell you about a Photoshop tool that I have used for about 10 years to create incredible virtuals and product mockups for my clients.

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CoverAction Pro (CAP from here on out) is a tool that you use with Photoshop. With it you can create sharp, client impressing, 3D mockups of books, magazines, DVD discs and packaging and bunches more.

I have used this tool for almost 10 years and it has absolutely paid for itself. There are three use cases where I have found CAP to be an absolute time saver and even sales tool.

Sell Your Client on a Design The First Time

CoverAction Pro Box Mockup

If you do much creative client work, you've no-doubt worked with a client who would "know it when he sees it." Individuals like this need your help to catch the vision for a book cover design, brochure or postcard. Show them the flat files, but wow them with a mockup that helps them envision what the final product is going to look like.

Providing a mockup like this can reduce the amount of time spent on revisions and can help you get to project sign-off faster.

Digital Product Photos

There have been times when I've worked with a client on a digital product. Most of the time in the form of an e-book but I've also done digital downloads for videos. These products have a unique challenge when it comes to selling. How do you convince a customer that they are getting something of value?

A product photo that conveys a digital product in the traditional, physical sense can go a long way towards making a sale. Just make sure that you clearly communicate the digital nature of the product.

Physical Product Photos and Virtuals

Sometimes you cannot commit the time or expense involved in shooting a photo of a book, CD, or other product. If you've got the artwork used to print the book cover or face of a compact disc, you can use CAP to generate a product photo that will rival any photograph you snap.

There have been times that I've been asked to put a product up for pre-sale. In those cases, it's ideal to have a product photo. CAP has saved my butt in these cases as I've been able to quickly produce a virtual image of the product to come.

Get CoverAction Pro 3

On Tuesday Jan 24th @ 10:00 AM EST, CoverAction Pro 3 is going to be released. I'm super excited to get my hands on this new version and know without a doubt that it will be worth every penny.

Word on the street is that this graphics package will only be available for purchase for 5 days. The first four days it will be available for a deeply discounted price. My hope is that CoverAction Pro will increase your sales, generate more leads AND present you and your company as experts and give you a professional brand and identity online!

I've made it easy for you to remember to order. Below you can download an calendar event that will remind you to take advantage of the ordering window and the 30% discount available for you early birds.

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