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Be Happier with Zapier by Integrating 1,000+ Apps

Have I ever told you about Zapier? Zapier is an automation tool that moves info between your web apps automatically. Use Zapier to create simple or complex workflows between 1,000+ apps! It's a lot of fun to go through their app directory and discover apps you already use and love (you'll love them more with Zapier). I've gotten to the point that, if I am considering a new tool, I check for a Zapier integration first.

At ROBYN we use Zapier to automate administrative tasks and marketing workflows. Here's just a few examples of how we use Zapier:

  • Automatically send personalized product quotes when someone inquires on a landing page. This is done with a Zap that incorporates WebMerge, UnBounce, and Mandrill.
  • Create complex workflows for managing users on our company stores using Formstack.
  • Rapidly prototype new solutions for content delivery.
  • Automatically add interested individuals to a personalized Drip campaign.

I highly reccomend you check out Zapier for yourself. You don't have to be a technical wizard to use it and no coding is required. They've got a free trial available and even have support for teams.

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