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    Creating Appreciation with Swag

    Promotional products that play a role in the everyday life of the recipient are appreciated and kept by consumers. Create warm vibes by taking utility and functionality into account when merchandising for your brand.  Read More...

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    Creating Novelty with Swag

    When slinging swag, it's easy to let the product carry the campaign. But don't miss the opportunity to use the power of novelty to create a story-worthy experience that will be shared long after the product is gone.  Read More...

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    Create Super Sweet Product Virtuals with CoverAction Pro

    You guys. I need to tell you about a Photoshop tool that I have used for about 10 years to create incredible virtuals and product mockups for my clients. CoverAction Pro (CAP from here on out) is a tool that you use with Photoshop. With it you can create sharp, client impressing, 3D mockups of books, magazines, DVD discs and packaging and bunches more. Before I show you how it works, I want to tell you how I, personally, have used this tool over the past 10 years.  Read More...

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    Alexa! What good is a skill for the promotional products space?

    A while back, I received an Amazon Echo from some friends of mine. I had heard of the device. Seen rumblings on the web and passively wondered what a "connected speaker" could be good for.   Read More...

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    Automate Product Photos with JavaScript and Photoshop

    I spend a lot of time in Photoshop preparing images for e-commerce stores. The bulk of the work done involves cropping and saving images at different sizes. That might not sound so bad, but consider your typical t-shirt product which might include the following images: Front Back Profile Model Lifestyle Five images.   Read More...

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